Flow Chemistry Instrumentation at University of Graz

The Kappe Laboratories occupy ca. 400 m2 of well-equipped state-of-the-art laboratory space at the Institute of Chemistry (IfC) at the University of Graz, sufficient to accommodate 25 researchers to have bench and office space. The group is well-equipped with all standard analytical instrumentation for performing organic synthesis (HPLC-UV(DAD), LC-MS(ESI), GC-FID, GC-MS(EI), semi-preparative HPLC-UV, automated flash chromatography, etc.) and has access to a range of departmental equipment including a variety of high-field NMR instruments (700, 500 and 300 MHz) in addition to IR, UV, various high resolution mass spectrometers (e.g., Q-TOF LC-MS), and analytical instrumentation (ICP-MS).

We are able to work with controlled substances  and have access to dedicated laboratories designed to allow handling of highly potent substances (Occupational Exposure Banding Level 4).

Dedicated Flow Chemistry Equipment

Ehrfeld Mikrosystem Modular Micro/millireactor Platform (MMRS)
Lonza FlowPlates and Miprowa Reactor
Chemtrix Protrix SiC Reactor
Corning Lab Photo Reactor
Creaflow HANU Reactor
Flowid SpinPro Reactor
Little Things Factory and Syrris Microreactors
Anton Paar 3D Printed Reactors
CSTRs of various dimensions

2 Uniqsis FlowSyn, 2 Uniqsis Binary Pumping Modules, Uniqsis Coil Reactor Heater
Vapourtec E-Series with UV 150 Photoreactor (Hg lamp and LEDs)
Syrris Asia 330 and 110 Systems including FLLEX module
ThalesNano Phoenix Pro Flow Reactor and H-Genie

9 HiTec Zang SyrDos High-pressure Syringe Pumps
14 Syrris Asia Syringe Pumps
3 Harvard Syringe Pumps
11 Knauer HPLC Pumps (10 and 50 mL/min pumpheads), Fuji Metering Pump (Hastelloy C22)
4 Vapourtec SF10 Peristaltic Pumps, 3 Masterflex L/S Peristaltic Pumps, 1 Ismatec Peristaltic Pump
Lamda Solid Dosage Unit
Chemtrix, Equilibar, Swagelock, Vapourtec, Zaiput and Upchurch Scientific Backpressure Regulators
ThalesNano Gas Loading Module, 10 Bronkhorst Mass Flow Controllers
4 Zaiput Liquid/Liquid Separators and Teflon AF2400 Gas Loading Modules (Uniqsis)

Inline and Online Process Analytical Technology (PAT)

2 Mettler Toledo ReactIRs (Probe and Micro Flow Cell)
Magritek Spinsolve 43 Flow NMR
Shimadzu Nexera X2 UHPLC
NIR, Raman probes (TU Graz and RCPE)

Dedicated Microwave Reactors

Anton Paar Monowave 50 and 400 single mode reactors
Biotage Initiator+ single mode reactor