Education and Training

The Kappe Laboratory has extensive experience in providing hands-on individual training courses for interested parties at the Graz flow chemistry facilities and in organizing in-house short courses for pharmaceutical/agro/biotech companies. Members of the group have been involved in teaching a 2 day flow chemistry short course (classroom) and Masterclass (laboratory) organized by with Scientific Update.

Flow Chemistry and Flow Chemistry Masterclass 

Now in it’s 10th year and after the successful event of 2023, we will be running the Scientific Update two-day Flow Chemistry Training Course again in Graz in May of 2024. In addition to the two day classroom-style training course, the one-day Flow Chemistry Masterclass will be held at the Center for Continuous Flow Synthesis and Processing (CCFLOW). This unique event will provide hands-on laboratory training on the various flow chemistry infrastructure available at CCFLOW (for a video, click here: lab facilities).

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